Thursday, August 18, 2011

Krochet Kids

I first heard about Krochet Kids a year ago. I'm amazed what a small company can accomplish in just one year. It started with three friends who recognized a huge need in Northern Uganda. For 20 years, the people have been living in government camps due to the rebel army who basically destroyed the north part of the country. Generations of people were then relying solely on the government and aid organizations to provide for their lively-hood.  Krochet Kids was born with a strong mission to empower people to rise above poverty and inspire knowledge, thus bringing permanent change. By paying a fair wage, for the first time, the people were able to provide for their own families and start planning a hopeful future. I'm incredibly inspired by this on-going story and the fact that simple idea changed hundreds of lives. PEASE, support products with a PURPOSE and buy yours NOW! "Buy a hat. change a life."
(watch the short videos below)

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