Thursday, October 20, 2011

New York 2011: What We Wore

As I previously mention, I recently went to New York with some of my good-lookin' gals pals. While we were there we thoroughly enjoyed the process of getting ready each morning and evening for the days festivities. We filled the daytime with jeans, tank tops, boots, shorts, skirts, stripes, color, sunglasses and your occasional cardigan & scarf. The evenings on the other hand, was our time to spice-it-up with stilettos, pumps, mini skirts, red lips, lace, sequins, and flirty dresses. Of course all of us over-packed with too many outfit and shoe options (typical) but it was worth it. We had an incredible time "discovering" the adventure & glamor that New York offered, and I must say, we looked good doing it! Below is a documentation of what we wore [almost] each day. Meet the girls: Jesse, Morgan, Katie, Erin, Patti and myself. Aren't my friends ridiculously attractive?? I think yes!

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