Thursday, March 8, 2012


There is an invisible war going on... in our world... this very second.
A war lead by Joseph Kony who abducts young children, forces them to kill their parents then turns them into solders and sex slaves. These children do not have a choice, they do not have a voice. With no family, no money, no education their only option is to join Kony's army... or die. This is not a story...  
This. Is. Reality.     Can we do something to stop him??     The answer is, yes!
Awareness creates a voice and a voice equals power. The more people who know about Joseph Kony, the more power we have to stop him. Everything you need to know is in this short film below. Please take 29 minutes out of whatever you doing [right now] and watch. The next 29 minutes will be the most important 29 minutes of 2012.

Make Joseph Kony famous. Talk about him. Share with family and friends who he is and how change is possible.

> Please visit this site to join Kony 2012  <

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