Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I always look forward to October 31st because Halloween is never a disappointment! Who doesn't love getting together with friends, dressing in funky consumes, dancing, and having a good time?? Exactly.
Every year some friends of mine get together and find a way to entertain ourselves. And I must say, it never seems to be too difficult to accomplish that goal.  Thanks to Jenn and the Hemphill House, this Halloween was a huge hit! Here are some snap-shot of the evening, we had a blast!! 
Happy Halloween,
Leslie,  AKA: Cleo.

 "Tell me about it... STUD."

 Cutest Hooter I've ever seen!
 Here's our Host for the evening, and her hunk-of-a-boyfriend! Aren't they a hot couple??

 "I whip my hair back-in-forth"

 Oh dear lord... haha

Earlier in the evening, some of us made an appearance dressed in 80's aerobics...

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  1. Love this!!! There were some great costumes there!! Looks like fun!



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