Monday, November 14, 2011

PUNJAMMIES [International Princess Project]

Human trafficking and forced prostitution is happening today. In India two million women and children work as prostitutes. Yes, that's right, two million! They are trapped in sex slavery and caught in the viscous cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and disease. This is a devastating reality. International Princess Project was established to restore hope and dignity to woman formally enslaved in prostitution. These women finally have an open door to rebuild their lives and start providing for a future. PUNJAMMIES are pajamas made by these brave woman. After being taught how to sew, they create and construct beautiful garments made out of vibrant Indian fabrics which is then exported to the US and sold as a premium-brand of sleepwear. All proceeds go back to paying wages, provide living expenses, creates savings accounts and provides support for the restoration of the ladies in the PUNJAMMIE program. The International Princess Project is a huge inspiration [to me] and I hope it compels you to rethink how you buy and urges you to support products with a purpose.
Shop for the holidays and feel good doing it! Purchase [your] PUNJAMMIES here. For more information about International Princess Project visit their site.

Just bought a pair of my own! I love them.

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