Saturday, December 3, 2011

Girl Night: wedding edition

Every Wednesday me and some of my girlfriends get together for what we call "girl night". It's something we look forward to every week which usually entails... cooking together, trying new recipes, going for a run, stay in for a yoga session, catch up on life and do what girls do best... talk. Lately, girl nights have been more exciting because our amazing friend, Erin, just got engaged!! We didn't hesitate to bust out the latest bridal magazines, click on our favorite creative wedding blogs and discuss all the other details that falls under the wedding category. It's been so thrilling! This past girl night, my mom so generously offered to "host" the evening. Little did we know, she went above and beyond by making it a "wedding themed" dinner to honor and celebrate our dear friend. She set the table with a beautiful vintage lace tablecloth, candles, fresh white flowers, fine china, crystal glasses, and  my grandmother's silverware. The menu was yummy taco salad topped with the most delicious cilantro dressing, mini cornbread and homemade coconut cake! It was all so wonderful!
Here are some quick snapshots I took of the lovely details, via iphone.

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